Recovery Guide

How to add yoga and recovery to your training.

Follow the guide below to easily add recovery to your training! Each link will take you to a video for the day that you can start with. We recommend working in recovery at least 2 times per week - on your Off Day and on a day of your choice.

When you're ready to try more videos, follow the directions at the bottom of this page.

Note: All yoga listed below (Recovery, Dynamic, Restorative) is Yoga for Athletes. Warm-up and cool-down videos are also available for training days (practice & SAC).



Maintain a dynamic flexibility practice and build strength around the joints for injury prevention and stabilization.




Participate in intense work on the court/field, maintain flexibility, and have a consistent but mellow yoga practice.




Increase focus, practice breathwork and minimal yoga, and meditate to visualize success.




Light training, strength building, increase ROM, injury rehab, and correct imbalances through FMS.


Ready to try more videos?

To view the full selection of videos for each day, you can use the guide above to figure out the Class Type you need, and then use the following filters:

  • Your Sport
  • Season
  • Class Type

For example, if you're a VOLLEYBALL athlete, during IN-SEASON, on an OFF DAY, you'd select:

  • Volleyball
  • In-Season
  • Yoga Recovery

Then you would get this full selection of videos to choose from: Volleyball + In-Season + Yoga Recovery